Chloe Combi


Chloe Discusses Generation A!!

1st July 2020

A little peek into one of next year’s big projects/books* (*shhhhh) View this post on Instagram Media commentator and journalist, Julian Linley, talks to Chloe Combi, author of the best-selling book ‘Generation Z, Their Voices, Their Lives’. Combi shares her insights into why ‘Generation Alpha’ want purpose not products. Her debut received widespread critical acclaim…

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The Death of the Teenager (by popular request taken from behind the paywall)

By me, published in several periodicals and peer-review spaces   The Death of the ‘Teenager’ – the Birth of a New Generation(s)   The concept of a teenager really entered popular culture in a post-war 1950’s world when there was growing anxiety around the change in attitudes, tastes and behaviour of young people. The emerging…

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What now for schools?

16th May 2020

In researching for a new book, pod and TV show, I looked at this once-in-a-century experiment of kids not having to go to school and asked them what they really thought about it. A snapshot here, but made for interesting reading

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