Chloe Combi

Chloe Combi

Chloe Combi

Author, Speaker, Columnist, Consultant, Futurist, Problem-Solver, Trustee, Host of You Don’t Know Me

The world is rapidly changing, and the future is uncertain, let Chloe Combi help you get future ready!

The only window we have into the future is understanding future generations – they tell us for certain where we are and where we are going.


You Don’t Know Me

A podcast about the lives of global teenagers.
Chloe’s podcast has won rave reviews and a #1 slot in iTunes' UK Documentaries Chart.

You Don’t Know Me

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Chloe has unparalleled insight into the future – she has interviewed 10,000+ members of Generation Z, wrote the first book on them, has successfully worked with global brands on their future strategies, released a #1 podcast on the lives of global Gen Zs, writes a column for The Telegraph about teenage and family life and is about to turn her attention to the next generation – Generation A!

Whether you are a brand, company, publication or individual interested in the future, drop Chloe a line on the contact form below or take a look around and see some of her ground-breaking work – and then drop her a line! She will be happy to chat about your needs and provide samples of work and glowing testimonials.

Nobody has a crystal ball, but Chloe’s work is the next best thing, spotting and explaining future trends across industries, providing a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative data, talking through complex ideas in interesting and entertaining ways and allowing you to get ahead of the curve.

Chloe has spoken around the world, has some of the world’s most valuable data sets on younger generations, and writes, speaks, analyses and predicts future trends with equal aplomb. She has written for many of the world’s biggest publications and is in real demand across industries. Get in touch!


The Telegraph column on the lives of Gen Z

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Chloe is a trustee at the UK’s first digital mental health charity for under 25s.
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Research / Expertise

There are few people more knowledgeable in their field than Chloe. With over 10,000 interviews under her belt and unique datasets of 4.5 million 12-25 year olds, she can offer unparalleled insights specialising in Generation Z, Generation A, education, social media, technology, young people and finance, food and drink, behaviour, self-esteem, sex, politics, new media vs. old medias  relationships, identity and future trends. A charismatic speaker, great writer and communicator of complex ideas, Chloe can help you understand and prepare for the future.

Books and writing

Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives was published by Penguin, Random House in 2015 to critical acclaim. It is the culmination of 2000 interviews with teenagers across the UK.

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Generation Z: Their Voices

Praise for Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives:

“Thrillingly candid interviews with ‘Generation Z’ display all their fixations, their humour, and the frightening power of technology in their pockets.”


Praise for Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives:

“An important and deeply revealing book showcasing what it is really like to be a teenager in the twenty-first century.”

Boris Johnson

Praise for Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives:

“The book gives educators much to consider . . . The greatest value of GENERATION Z is a reminder of all that we love about our students – their humanity, their kindness, their moments of strength, their insights. It’s easy to see the echoes of students in our own classrooms; beyond the disrupters, preeners and attention-seekers, there are human beings going through tremendous changes. I found it a refreshing, confronting and heartfelt reminder of why I came into the classroom.”

Times Educational Supplement

Praise for Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives:

“An important and timely book. These are voices that need to be heard.”

Anthony Horowitz

Praise for Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives

“Every politician seeking election next month should read this book. I think it taught me as much about our country as anything I have ever read.”

Evening Standard

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Chloe has written across a wide-range of topics and has helped start some important global conversations gang culture, youth homelessness, grooming and pornography. She is available for commission – paid features only.