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Chloe Combi Consulting

  • Best-selling Author
  • Speaker
  • Researcher
  • Presenter
  • Educational Consultant
  • Futurist
“A futurist doesn’t have a crystal ball, but she does know what is coming, by studying future generations.”

I’m Chloe Combi – I’m a bestselling author, global speaker, futurist, researcher, and consultant. My primary area of expertise is young people – Generation Z and Generation A. I have interviewed over 20,000 young people globally and utilise that expertise into helping schools, brands, companies, governments, and institutions understand and prepare for the present and future.

I am a generation expert who works in hundreds of schools, delivering one-off talks and bespoke long-term projects that benefit students and staff emotionally, socially, culturally, and academically. All my work is underwritten by serious quantitative and qualitative research and data and unparalleled knowledge, using a coveted and highly successful approach and methodology – one that has won rave reviews and a waiting list of schools.

My expertise, research and data has me in huge demand with global companies, brands and governments and whether they want insight pieces, future-proofing, coaching, high level and entertaining talks, TV or radio work or transformational creative input, I can help you.

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    Brands I have worked with

    School & University Work

    In an increasingly challenging world, where there is growing delta between the lives, behaviour and influences of the young and old(er!), Chloe’s knowledge and expertise are in serious demand from schools around the world. Bringing together her vast research and media work with young audiences, her work falls into three tiers:

    One-off, inspirational talks delivered to students, staff and parents (depending on need)

    Qualitative and Quantitative research conducted into the student body on one/many areas that will shape a bespoke project addressing area(s) of need or challenges.

    Research + Long-Term Bespoke Project designed to help the personal, social and academic culture of the school.

    Areas of Expertise

    • Sex + Consent
    • Social Media
    • Mental Health
    • Technology and managing healthy technological relationships.
    • Bullying (Online and Offline)
    • Beauty + Body Image (Including the impact of social media, filter culture and tech-dysmorphia)
    • Language and online terminology (Do you know your red pill from you black pill?)
    • Navigating healthy male/female relationships in divided times.
    • Influencers and countercultural online spaces.
    • Well-Being

    Schools I have worked with

    Media Work

    Chloe Combi is a best-selling author, created and hosted a #1 Apple podcast, You Don’t Know Me, co-directed the groundbreaking Meta/VR For Good series, Weird Times,  has written for most of the big publications and is a regular on radio and television, She is currently developing a major education initiative into a national programme.

    To book Chloe for media work, click here A warm, empathic speaker, brilliant commentator and incisive and passionate writer, Chloe’s particular areas of expertise are generations, teenagers and young people, the future, sex, technology, social media and influences, incoming trends and what to expect as we approach 2030.

    Check out some of Chloe’s media work

    Insights & Future Proofing

    Chloe Combi is one of the world’s leading experts on future generations and the future – but all her work is backed up by over a decade of serious, highly-coveted, patented data and research. Having interviewed over 20,000 members of Gen Z and Gen A, Chloe has worked across the world with the biggest brands, governments, institutions, organisations, schools and figures.

    A brilliant speaker bringing data to life, an uncanny prognosticator (predicting the future) a gifted writer, great communicator and natural leader – Chloe’s work is in serious demand. Get in touch to see how she could help you.


    In a world where anyone can (and often does) claim to be an expert in any given subject, all Chloe’s work is led by hard and serious quantitative and quantitative data, that she brings to whatever field and industry she’s working in. Why? Because data and how you interpret it is the only window we have into the future and what gives insight into what is coming next. Future-proofing and preparing gives EVERY brand and industry the edge with their customers, followers, competitors and their bottom line.

    Chloe’s insights means she has worked in every industry including politics and government, banking and finance, automobile, food & drink, beauty & wellness, technology, social media, music, film, education (8-21), advertising, PR and more…

    To discuss your brand and company future needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch, but in the meantime, check out some of Chloe’s crystal-ball moments (all driven by hard data and research of course!)

    Reports and Insights by Chloe Combi


    Chloe Combi is one of the planet’s leading experts on generations and where we are going as a society. She has interviewed over 20,000 members of Gen Z and Gen A (new generational kids on the block), advised the biggest brands in the world including the European Central Bank, Diageo, Porsche, Saatchi, Netflix, Google, Barclay’s, Johnson&Johnson plus MANY more! She’s spoken at the UN, visited worn-torn countries with UNICEF, advised on 2 presidential campaigns. She’s also a best-selling author, creator of the #1 Apple podcast, You Don’t Know Me, directed SXSW-winning Meta Series, Weird Times, has written for the biggest publications in the world and also continues to teach and import her award-winning Respect Project into schools every week!

    Her in-demand talks include:

    • Big incoming trends in brands and social media – based on serious qualitative and quantitative research.
    • Maximising generational harmony and productivity in the workplace.
    • What’s next for media and social media?
    • Helping Generation A manage technology better.
    • Insights into significant teenage challenges including influencers, social media trends, language, learning, sex, consent, and mental health.
    • Closing the generational barrier: understanding what your kids and teens are getting up to online, IRL and in their private headspaces!

    Educated, warm, witty, with a startling backstory, Chloe’s empathy, connection and ability to see and understand younger generations – particularly younger generations – means she’s often called ‘the David Attenborough of young people!’

    Watch here


    For a longer chat about you speaker needs with Chloe Combi, book an appointment here:


    “Thrillingly candid interviews with ‘Generation Z’ display all their fixations, their humour, and the frightening power of technology in their pockets.”


    “An important and deeply revealing book showcasing what it is really like to be a teenager in the twenty-first century.”

    Boris Johnson

    “The book gives educators much to consider . . . The greatest value of GENERATION Z is a reminder of all that we love about our students – their humanity, their kindness, their moments of strength, their insights. It’s easy to see the echoes of students in our own classrooms; beyond the disrupters, preeners and attention-seekers, there are human beings going through tremendous changes. I found it a refreshing, confronting and heartfelt reminder of why I came into the classroom.”

    Times Educational Supplement

    “An important and timely book. These are voices that need to be heard.”

    Anthony Horowitz

    “Every politician seeking election next month should read this book. I think it taught me as much about our country as anything I have ever read.”

    Evening Standard