Chloe Combi

Chloe Combi

Writer, Speaker, Consultant

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Chloe Combi is a writer, speaker, consultant and sought out expert on youth issues.

She started her own education charity – ‘Write Club’ in 2011, which aimed to raise the aspirations of young people and attracted such luminaries as Derren Brown, Will Self and Benjamin Zephaniah.

Shortly after she began to write a column for the TES about life as a teacher and what young people were up to when parents weren’t around. This developed into feature writing on youth issues and her pieces quickly gained national and international attention. She was asked extensively to comment on radio and television, was invited to No. 10, quoted in the House of Commons, and worked with the Special Advisor to the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

She has subsequently written for the Times, Guardian, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Vice, Refinery29, Independent, and Spiked.

She has become a sought-out speaker on a wide range of issues, including (but not limited to) teenagers, education, young people in the work place, sex, social media, pop culture in the 21st century, brands, brand relationships, youth culture, beauty and self-esteem.

In 2015, she had her first book, Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives published by Penguin, Random House. It garnered wide critical claim and was optioned by Maker Studios, Disney to develop into a drama.

Chloe is also working with Disney Studios on another original concept called the A-Z of Modern Girls.

She has just completed her second book.

Chloe Combi has just joined Talk PR to develop her rapidly expanding portfolio of work with international clients across a range of industries. Previous clients/projects include Pepsi, MCA Insight, Virgin Media, OxfordUniversity Press, PZ Cussons, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Fullers, Capita, Google, Sainsbury’s Trust, Heineken, Lynx, Johnson&Johnson, Red Bull, and Lynx.


Research / Expertise

Chloe Combi continues a wide body of research and engagement with young people – something she sees as an essential part of all her ongoing work. She regularly speaks and does workshops at schools, colleges and universities, has a Sunday radio show listened to by thousands of teen listeners and engages with hundreds of young people at events she speaks at (one of the favourite parts of her job!)

Her commitment to her research work enables her to write with unique insight and flair, and is also proving to be a real asset in the corporate world.

Books and writing

Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives was published by Penguin, Random House in 2015 to critical acclaim. It is the culmination of 2000 interviews with teenagers across the UK.

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Generation Z: Their Voices

Praise for Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives:

“Thrillingly candid interviews with ‘Generation Z’ display all their fixations, their humour, and the frightening power of technology in their pockets.”


Praise for Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives:

“An important and deeply revealing book showcasing what it is really like to be a teenager in the twenty-first century.”

Boris Johnson

Praise for Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives:

“The book gives educators much to consider . . . The greatest value of GENERATION Z is a reminder of all that we love about our students – their humanity, their kindness, their moments of strength, their insights. It’s easy to see the echoes of students in our own classrooms; beyond the disrupters, preeners and attention-seekers, there are human beings going through tremendous changes. I found it a refreshing, confronting and heartfelt reminder of why I came into the classroom.”

Times Educational Supplement

Praise for Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives:

“An important and timely book. These are voices that need to be heard.”

Anthony Horowitz

Praise for Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives

“Every politician seeking election next month should read this book. I think it taught me as much about our country as anything I have ever read.”

Evening Standard



Chloe has written across a wide-range of topics and has helped start some important global conversations gang culture, youth homelessness, grooming and pornography. She is available for commission – paid features only.

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