Chloe Combi


New fortnightly column for The Mix.

12th May 2020

Thrilled to be a trustee for the eminent charity, The Mix, an organisation that takes care of the well-being of young people across the UK with advice and support. Additionally, I’ll also be writing a fortnightly column for them based on my own extensive work and research on young people across the UK and the…

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Long read (new book extract): Teens and ‘modern’ sexual exploitation.

4th April 2020

Something of interest from new book/book¬†research… Teen Sexual Exploitation: ¬† In 2017, Daisy was experiencing that seemingly endless post-GCSE summer, relaxed and happy because exams were now a distant memory, slightly anxious about imminent results though her predicted grades were excellent, and also filled with that bored ennui that comes with being young, skint and…

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On the presidential campaign trail…..

What does it feel like to follow, write about, write speeches for and strategise for a presidential campaign? Get a (tiny) sense of that here. More on this to follow…. http://

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Chloe Goes to Church…

8th December 2019

The church were curious to know how the church can appeal to young people in an increasingly (in some parts) secular world – so they asked an agnostic! Still, it was a lovely talk, except for the fact my phone kept going off….

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