Chloe Combi


The Future – Part One

8th August 2019

The Future (Part One)   Generation Z mania is everywhereand understandably so. They are now the biggest demographic on the planet (32% and rising), and their rejection of traditional media and the fact they are both the creators and consumers of their own media, means they are both amorphous and difficult to target – especially…

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Why we’ve become fearful about happiness.

31st May 2019

As we head into 2020, an uncomfortable truth we have to face is no one in the UK seems very happy. On the face of it, this seems a rather banal statement – happiness being a rather intangible and unscientific state of being – and one that we often ascribe the responsibility of the individual…

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New Events

17th July 2018

9th May 2018: Istanbul, Turkey: Gen Z & Communications 7th June 2018: Dunblane, Scotland: Sport Scotland Event (Keynote) 13th June 2018 Berlin, Germany: European Communication Summit: Gen Z & Brands: 2nd July 2018: Belfast, Ireland: Sports Ireland (Keynote) 5th July: London, England: IPSOS Mori: 6th July 2018: Uni of Arts: Gen Z and Education 9th…

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New Events…

22nd May 2018

One of the great paradoxes of being very busy, is you don’t have time to bore people about how busy you are…(for which they are probably grateful) But quick catch-up Istanbul was a huge amount of fun and incredibly interesting to see the perspectives in different parts of the world – and have a translator…

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Work, Gen Z, Power and Stranger Things 2

4th November 2017

So, the coming few weeks look like: Pepsi, Red Bull, Istanbul, Russia, House of Commons, working with another major political party, and not one, but two books to seriously drill into – more of which in a couple of weeks.   It’s a diverse way to work and I’m endlessly thrilled that I get to…

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