Chloe Combi

Welcome to my lovely new website…

11th August 2017

Welcome to my lovely new website. After years of people finding rather creative and haphazard ways of getting in contact with me, I’ve finally decided to make it easy for anyone who wants to get in touch.

I’m incredibly fortunate that I get to do lots of interesting things for a living. I’m currently writing books, having TV shows made about a couple of those books, writing for various publications, speaking around the world on a variety of subjects and working with a portfolio of exciting brands and clients. This blog will be a place where anyone interested can see photos/videos/general information on my work. From time to time I will also post about issues that are interesting/annoying/amusing me.

There are also useful links to my literary, TV and PR agents, so professional people can either get in touch with them directly, or drop me a line in the first instance.

In the meantime, feel free to take a look around. I’ll be back here very soon!