Chloe Combi

New Events…

22nd May 2018

One of the great paradoxes of being very busy, is you don’t have time to bore people about how busy you are…(for which they are probably grateful)

But quick catch-up

Istanbul was a huge amount of fun and incredibly interesting to see the perspectives in different parts of the world – and have a translator in your ear. Though as ever, we have far more in common than things that divide us, and there is as much curiosity about Generation Z and the relationship with brands, as there is anywhere, and it was a lively few days in a vibrant city.

On Thursday, really looking pleased to be involved and looking forward to the beginning of Sun on Sunday initiative to tackle the wave of crime and violence in London and beyond. The editor, Victoria Newton has gathered an impressive array of people Р with genuine experience in youth issues Рto really address this worrying phenomenon. Look out for great stories, analysis, interviews, and features Рfrom writers etc. who have actually spoken to a young person in the last five years (some of the recent takes on youth crime, gangs and violence have suggested otherwise)

Really pleased to be addressing a major aspect of Gen. Z life (though not sure it’s been advertised) and will be travelling to Belfast and Dunblane in June (details to follow)

Germany is also calling, and will be doing keynote speeches in the ever-beguiling Berlin in both June and September :

One of my favourite aspects of my job is continuing to speak at schools and universities and will be releasing a roster of school/uni events soon – just working it out!

I’ll also be doing a keynote for the BBC in Manchester in late June (details: TBC)

Doing lots of brand work, which I LOVE – and am about to turn one into a film for a major drinks company, which is an unexpected turn of events for such a research/wordy style of work.

Heading to the USA in July for research and speaking engagements (details TBC) and will definitely be releasing book/TV details stuff this summer.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Spring,