Chloe Combi

New Events

17th July 2018

9th May 2018: Istanbul, Turkey: Gen Z & Communications

7th June 2018: Dunblane, Scotland: Sport Scotland Event (Keynote)

13th June 2018 Berlin, Germany: European Communication Summit: Gen Z & Brands:

2nd July 2018: Belfast, Ireland: Sports Ireland (Keynote)

5th July: London, England: IPSOS Mori:

6th July 2018: Uni of Arts: Gen Z and Education

9th July: Hastings, England: ISP Conference (After-dinner)

16th July 2018: Clerkenwell, London: Gen Z and Higher Education

5th September: Frankfurt, Germany (Details: TBC)

20-21st September 2018: Berlin, Germany: Social Media Conference

20th November 2018: Amsterdam, Holland: (Details, TBC)

21st November: The Grove, Watford, London (Details: TBC)

3rd/4th December 2018: Munich, Germany (Details TBC)