Chloe Combi

GZ everywhere….

29th September 2017

Crazy few weeks coming up…

Geneva with Johnson&Johnson was wonderful, and it was a hoot to technically visit three countries in 24 hours (England, France and Switzerland.) Such lovely people at Johnson&Johnson, and can’t wait to work with them again – AND I learned stuff, as their approach is science meets beauty.

Really looking forward to speaking for the executives at Fullers on Tuesday, who are really invested in creating drinking and dining experiences for the upcoming generation. I met some of them at the MCA. Pub Conference I spoke at on a very hot day, last June. I had a meeting at their brewery in Chiswick, which is a hidden gem, nestled behind one of the busiest roads in London. You turn a corner, and it feels like you are in a country village – definitely a place to revisit.

Wednesday is a retreat day with Red Bull, who are looking to the future in really creative ways and I’m really excited to be part of their innovative work.

Thursday is speed-dating with the lovely folks at Mash, who are hosting a leading brand of men’s fragrance/deodorant. We are delving into the world of GZ dating and romance, with a speed-dating/roundtable set-up, where I will be leading one of the talks. I’ve done this before, and it’s knackering, but loads of fun, and you can never really plan for what you are going to get asked (not unlike actual dating.)

The weekend is off to New York and Canada for research and to speak at two exciting events – LOTS of pictures to follow – so hoping the current New York Indian summer will hang on for our arrival.

Back just in time to visit the lovely folks at Goose Island and then straight off to the House of Commons to take part in a series of roundtables about childhood, and the future of young people, which goes on until Christmas.

And then in discussion to go and speak in a country I’ve never visited before…

Was also really pleased to see that the BBC did a stellar job in engaging with and giving a voice to 16-22 year olds across the country. Generation Z is finding its voice – and the future is finally arriving!