Chloe Combi

News/New Events.

14th January 2019

2019 looks set to be an incredible year – book and TV stuff incoming – of which, more later – but it’s very exciting!

I’m also working closely with fashion, food and drink, car, media, mental health, world organisations, and political industries over the coming few months and will be doing a variety of reports, articles, speeches and projects, particularly focusing on the future and where we are going in the next ten years or so.


Also, already have some overseas and homespun speaking dates to announce already. Will be adding to this a lot in the coming weeks!

Jan 30th: London, Hostech.

Jan 31st, London: Communication Partners

February 2nd, Belfast: Sports and Boxing Federation

February 7th, Berlin Germany: Quadriga

February 14th, Stuttgart Germany: Porsche

February, 26th: London, UK: Sweat

February 28th, Romania: Education conference

March 2nd – TBC, Switzerland Geneva: Finance conference

March 18th, LAs Vegas, USA: Details TBC

Summer Dates: (Constantly updating)

May 28th 2019, Istanbul, Turkey, Gen Z and brand spaces.

June 5th 2019: Vienna, Austria – Work culture and Gen z

June 14th 2019: Canadian Embassy, Norway

June 15th 2019: Equinor, Norway

June 18th 2019: Soho House, London

June 28th-30th: Brussels, Belgium – HR

July 2nd: London, UK – The Future of Food and Socialising.

July 5th, Texas, USA – Gen Z and Tech

August 3rd, Stuttgart, Germany – Brand/Future

September 5th, London – Social Media Festival

September 26th, London, UK – SIBOS

October 31st, Amsterdam, Holland.