Chloe Combi

Autumn is in the air…

4th September 2017

I stopped teaching at the end of 2013, but the rhythms of the school terms still remain in your blood, so September always feels like a fresh start for me.

September and October are set to be incredibly busy months, working with some really exciting new clients, a big new writing project and a major reveal on the A-Z of Modern Girlhood, which includes so many brilliant, feisty, exciting girls – including two very well-known young women.

Next week I fly to Geneva, to take part in this conference:

I’m really excited about this, because it’s an audience, I’m really keen to share insights with, and I expect to learn a lot too.

Early October will be a trip to October and Canada for research and a launch – details to follow soon.

Over the coming two months, I will be speaking at five events in the UK, in the leisure and food, retails, fashion and dating industries, who are all hugely interested in the up and coming, Generation Z and how to better understand them, and cater for them.

And finally, politics is also calling for Autumn. The Fabian Society are launching a project called ‘Growing up in the 2020s’ which will include five roundtables at the Houses of Parliament and a multi-authored book. I will be involved in and speaking in the core group, and I think this is a very timely project, as social division and the wealth divide continue to grow in this country.

I have three writing deadlines to hit this week, and a bunch of teenagers to talk today, with massive pre-school nerves! As I always tell anyone facing the new and unknown – the thought of something is always far worse than the deed – and you wonder in retrospect what you were worried about in the first place…

Have a great new school and work year. I will send postcards.